Review of Mark Rober’s Crunch Labs Subscription: Unleashing Your Inner Engineer with Each Box!

We recently had the pleasure of exploring the innovative world of CrunchLabs, a subscription box service created by Mark Rober. The concept immediately caught my eye as an enthusiast for all things science and education. My boys have been huge fans of Mark Rober’s YouTube channel for years. We have always admired Rober’s unique approach to making learning about STEM fun and engaging, so the idea of receiving a piece of his creativity every month was thrilling.

Unboxing each month’s delivery is like stepping into Rober’s workshop, full of wonders that merge hands-on learning with pure entertainment. From building new gadgets to unraveling engineering mysteries, CrunchLabs isn’t just another subscription service—it’s a gateway to igniting a lifelong passion for science in kids and adults alike. The excitement of creating something, while being subtly guided through complex concepts, was both joyous and enlightening for my boys. Each month’s box leads to hours of creativity, laughter, and play.

What is Crunch Labs?

Crunch Labs is the brainchild of internet sensation and former NASA engineer, Mark Rober. Let’s dive into what makes Crunch Labs an innovative and engaging STEM subscription box that captures the hearts and minds of children and parents alike.

Concept and Vision

Crunch Labs is a monthly STEM toy subscription box that aims to make education fun and accessible. Each box delivers a unique hands-on project integrating entertainment and key scientific principles. As someone who loves seeing kids excited about learning, I have found that Crunch Labs empowers children by encouraging creative thinking, problem-solving, and above all, nurturing a love for engineering and science.

Founder’s Story – Mark Rober

Mark Rober, the mastermind behind Crunch Labs, has a story as inspiring as his YouTube videos. With his acclaimed online presence attracting over 23 million subscribers, he has expanded his educational outreach from the digital screen to a tangible format through Crunch Labs. His experience as a NASA engineer and a gifted educator plays a massive role in shaping the substance and quality of each Crunch Labs box, making it more than a mere subscription service—it’s a portal to discovery and innovation for young minds.

Subscription Details

Mark Rober’s Crunch Labs has crafted a unique blend of entertainment and education in their subscription boxes. We can’t wait to explore new scientific and engineering concepts with hands-on projects every month.

Pricing and Plans

  • Monthly: $29.95 per box
  • 3-Month Prepay: $29.95 per box
  • Annual Prepay: $24.95 per box

Prices may vary slightly depending on promotions and seasonal discounts.

Box Contents and Themes

Each box contains:

  • All necessary components for the project
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Educational materials
  • Link to special videos that relate to each box for expanded learning and fun

Recent themes have included robotics, aerodynamics, and simple machines. The unexpected mix of themes keeps each month fresh and exciting.

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Content: Access to videos and tutorials enhancing the learning experience.
  • Community: Membership includes entry into a community of fellow subscribers eager to share discoveries and achievements.
  • Support: Prompt customer service for any questions or challenges along the way.

Being part of Crunch Labs fuels my kids’ creativity and connects me with like-minded enthusiasts.

Educational Value

I’m thrilled to dive into the educational aspects of CrunchLabs subscription boxes. They’re not just fun, they’re a wellspring of STEM knowledge.

STEM Learning Focus

CrunchLabs Boxes have revolutionized how people view educational play. Each box is a trove of interactive STEM experiences, ingeniously designed to fuse learning with hands-on fun. Their ability to simplify complex engineering concepts into playful activities always amazes me. The mix of skill-building tools and entertainment ensures that valuable STEM skills are learned and retained.

Age Appropriateness

Mark Rober has targeted a sweet spot with CrunchLabs, creating a product that feels tailor-made for children 8-12 years old. Thanks to their clever design and inclusivity, these boxes are also highly engaging for an even broader audience. My boys are 7 and 10 and they both absolutely love CruchLabs. Each activity is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that it’s within the cognitive reach of kids but also challenging enough to keep them engaged and growing.

Unboxing Experience

When we received our first Crunch Labs box, the thrill of exploring the contents was palpable, promising a blend of education and fun crafted with thoughtful design.

First Impressions

Our curiosity spiked as soon as we saw the Crunch Labs box. It wasn’t just any ordinary package; it exuded a sense of adventure and learning. My kids couldn’t wait to dive into what Mark Rober had assembled for curious minds like theirs. The box itself was a teaser to the engineering challenges that awaited inside.

Packaging and Presentation

Opening the box was a spectacle in itself—neatly arranged components, vibrant colors, and easy-to-understand instructions. Everything had its place, secured and ready for assembly. Each component was labeled or color-coded, which made it simple to follow along. I appreciated the thoughtful organization, as it saved time and kept the focus on enjoyment and learning. The packaging design was a direct nod to Mark Rober’s commitment to making science accessible and engaging. Each item was meticulously presented, ensuring that at first glance, this was going to be an entertaining educational experience. After completing their first kit and days of play, all my boys could think about was the excitement of looking forward to future boxes.

Projects and Activities

Each month, we immerse ourselves in new and exciting projects with CrunchLabs that combine fun and learning. These hands-on activities are designed to spark curiosity and teach important engineering concepts.

Variety and Creativity

Projects: My boys have built an assortment of innovative toys, from mechanical puzzles to electronic gadgets, showcasing the scope of engineering. CrunchLabs is excellent at continuing to offer a variety of toys that change monthly, ensuring that my kids are always encountering fresh challenges and concepts.

Creativity: Each box encourages creativity and problem-solving skills. Coming from Mark Rober’s imaginative mind, the activities are more than educational; they’re a creative outlet where my kids can invent and explore.

Instructions and Guidance

Clarity: In every box, there are clear and concise instructions that guide through the building process. These instructions facilitate a smooth construction experience, allowing us to understand not just the “how” but also the “why” behind each step. The instructions are written so clearly that my boys can follow them without my help, which I really appreciate on those days when I need to set them up with independent work.

Support: If you are to come across challenges, the thoughtful guidance provided ensures you will never feel overwhelmed. The additional resources and explanations ensure that we are not just following steps, but learning and applying engineering principles.

Support and Resources

Customer Service: The CrunchLabs support team was quick to respond when I had any questions. They provided helpful information that enhanced my experience. All of the reviews I have researched have only confirmed what we have found to be true, other users report first-class experiences with customer service.

Educational Content: The resources extended beyond the physical components. Online tutorials, explanations, and further reading offered by CrunchLabs complemented the hands-on aspect beautifully. These resources supported the projects and deepened our understanding of the scientific principles. This truly sets Crunchlabs apart from other science subscription kits for us. It is a perfect homeschool supplement.

Community and Engagement

I’ve discovered that the vibrant community and engaging events associated with Mark Rober’s Crunch Labs subscription amplify the learning experience. It’s an energetic community where like-minded individuals connect and share their passion for science and engineering.

Online Community

I quickly noticed the enthusiasm in the online forums and social media groups dedicated to Crunch Labs. Here, subscribers display their completed projects, share tips, post educational content, and provide support. You can see real-time discussions where kids and parents celebrate their STEM journey, fostering a nurturing environment for learning and creativity.

Live Events and Challenges

What genuinely excites us are the live events and challenges that Crunch Labs hosts. Mark Rober personally engages with the community, conducting live Q&A sessions and presenting fun challenges that encourage creative problem-solving. Participants showcase their unique approaches to engineering tasks, gain recognition, and even win exciting prizes. We have not yet been able to experience firsthand the thrill of these events and the motivation they give to young inventors to push their limits, but we look forward to one day being able to join Mark Rober live. It is definitely at the top of my boys’ “bucket list”.

Customer Feedback

Testimonials, Ratings, and Reviews

I find myself excited by the personal stories shared by families. One parent joyfully mentioned how Crunch Labs has significantly impacted their life, with excellent customer service ensuring their subscription boxes followed them to a new home without a hitch. Another spoke of how their child, at 7 years old, eagerly awaited each new box to become the principal builder, fostering a deep love for STEM.

The high ratings seem to reflect the infectious enthusiasm that Crunch Labs inspires. Over on Trustpilot, the star ratings shine brightly with satisfaction. Their main website boasts an impressive gathering of more than 600 5-star reviews, a testament to the value and excitement provided to their subscribers, month after month.

Final Thoughts on Crunch Labs


I wholeheartedly recommend CrunchLabs for families seeking to foster a love for science. It’s more than play—these boxes are a gateway to thinking like an engineer, crucial for budding young minds keen on exploring the world of science and engineering. The customer service is excellent, making it easy to manage subscriptions.

Mark Rober’s CrunchLabs subscription kit is an exceptional tool for igniting creativity and curiosity in individuals of all ages. Each box is thoughtfully designed with experiments and activities that entertain while educating. The kits are meticulously curated to ensure that learning about science and engineering is fun and accessible, making complex concepts digestible through hands-on exploration.

CrunchLabs is more than just a subscription service—it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery. The materials’ quality, the instructions’ clarity, and the projects’ engaging nature contribute to an all-around excellent experience.

Mark Rober’s vision of spreading knowledge and passion for STEM perfectly encapsulates these kits. They encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and the joy of creating something with your own hands. CrunchLabs is not just a product but a catalyst for growth and a testament to the power of interactive learning.

Please let us know in the comments what you love about CrunchLabs! Happy Homeschooling!

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